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Welcome to Morristown Arizona

Roadrunner Campground

Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Maricopa County Sheriff

550 West Jackson

Phoenix Arizona 85003

911 Emergency

Maricopa County Sheriff

Fire Dept.


41026 N Castle Hot Springs RD

Morristown, Arizona 85342

911 Emergency

Circle City / Morristown Fire Department AZ Path

Circle City / Morristown Fire Department AZ

Helping You Locate That Perfect Campsite

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Rate Ranges

$1.00 $10.00 = $$11.00 – $20.00 = $$$21.00 – $30.00 = $$$$31.00 – $40.00= $$$$ $31.00 & up= $$$$$$

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Calendar of Events and Activities for Morristown AZ. Area

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