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Why Go Camping?

You might be wondering: Why go camping? It is one of the most authentic ways to see the great outdoors, but maybe you don’t like dirt, or bugs, or the outdoors for that matter. You should still go camping at least once in your life.
Here’s why Why Go Camping?

We live on a shrinking planet. World populations continue to grow and put ever-increasing demands on natural resources. Every day, cities are expanding their borders and infringing on surrounding farmlands and forests. Every day, plants and animals are becoming extinct as a result of the expansion of our modern society. The conservation efforts of governments may be able to preserve many forests and public lands for future generations to enjoy but they can’t stop the lines waiting to get into these places from getting unbearably long. Camping requires uncrowded open spaces in order to be appreciated.

Consequently, the opportunities for memorable camping experiences are getting fewer and farther between. What better reason to go camping than to enjoy the outdoors and the scenic wonders of nature while we still can? With popular outdoor destinations requiring reservations as much as a year in advance, the feeling of the outdoors is getting lost in the crowds. More and more it’s becoming necessary to camp in the off-season or to travel great distances in order to find peace or solitude.

There are many valid reasons (fresh air, less stress, improved moods, exercise, sunshine, socialization, etc.) for escaping the routines of ordinary life, and camping facilitates that escape for many of us. We all need a return to nature now and then, and we all can benefit with a break from our routines. The thought of sitting around a campfire under a clear sky, gazing up at the stars and listening to the sounds of the night can strengthen our bodies, pacify our minds and restore our spirits. Camping is rejuvenating!

Helping to Locate That Perfect Campsite

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