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Why Go Camping in State?

Most think of Nevada, cities like Las Vegas and Reno often come to mind. However, Nevada is much more than these flashy cities. In fact there is more to Nevada than that one city, but many often forget that. There is a whole state to explore, a rugged one, with only about 24 people per square mile. Mountain ranges dot the horizon, accented by a clear blue sky, flat basins stretch for miles and anyone can veer from long, lonesome highways and find a fine place to camp. The Sagebrush State is home to an incredible variety of parks and wildlife that can be found nowhere else in the United States. Because of this, camping is a great way to experience everything this state has to offer outdoors. Nevada hosts wonderful remote campgrounds for those that want to lose themselves in this wild frontier, where they can see wild horses, skies full of birds and all manner of wildlife.

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Nevada Campgrounds

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