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Workamping is a combination of work and camping. A Workamper combines part-time or full-time paid or volunteer work with RV camping

Misconception of a Workamper

There is a large misconception that Workampers are just retirees who work in campgrounds,

Helping one cmaper at a time

What is Workamping?

Not all Workampers are retired. In fact, less than half of all Workampers consider themselves retired. With the median age being 52, it is obvious that the majority of Workampers are not drawing a pension / 401K and can not live on rent-free camping alone. If you sleep in an RV at night and you conduct any activity in exchange for anything of value, you are a Workamper! That could be working remotely, working at the local Walmart or possible at a campground.

Workampers generally receive compensation in the form of a free campsite, usually with free utilities and additional wages. Workamping positions can include working at campgrounds, RV resorts, mobile home communities, Christmas tree or pumpkin sales lots, amusement parks, motels/hotels, national parks, state parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineer locations, national monuments, lighthouses, retail stores, food service, sales and more.

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